HX82,HC5A Billet Thick Heat Shields

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Thick heat shields cut from solid bar for HX82, HC5A, HX80, and some other large frame turbos. Used when newer style thin heat shields warp from heat and pressure in competition applications. Must be used on bearing housings designed for thick heat shields such as older HC5A housings that came with cast iron heat shields. The lip on ours is .100″ the same as the factory cast iron heat shields. If your housing had a thin stamped steel heat shield we can modify it to fit theses thick heat shields. We typically cut all bearing housings we work on that were not set up for thick heat shields from the factory to accept the thick ones. Call for specific applications  or more details. If you install a thick heat shield in a turbo with a bearing housing not designed or modified for it the assembly will lock up when the the compressor wheel is tightened down possibly damaging the turbo.