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In addition to producing parts for our own product line Keating Machine operates a spectrum of equipment for manufacturing automotive parts. In fact our largest customer is an aftermarket automotive parts manufacturer. Our CNC capabilities include turning, milling and sawing. We can be a resource for contract manufacturing, should you need extra or specialized capabilities.We currently manufacture drivetrain components such as bladed torque converter stators, internal engine components such as connecting rods, and various housings and covers such as alternator housings for other companies to use in their products.

We can readily produce parts with up to five-axis simultaneous machining, with up to seven-axis overall machining. Our Mazak Integrex 200 IVS machine is capable of machining all six sides of a part with one setup. Highly complex, intricate parts that require precision to two ten-thousandths of an inch (.0002”), such as turbocharger impellers and turbocharger blades, are routine work for our shop.

We are proficient with CAD/CAM software and have the latest versions. We can work with customers’ solid models or drawings. Our experienced staff understand deadlines and we keep you informed throughout the production process so you know how your order is progressing and when you will have it delivered.

While we are mainly focused on automotive parts our skill set also lends itself to other industries as well.

Want to learn more? Email us at sales@keatingmachine.com and let us know more about your parts. We’ll respond promptly.