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Honing Torque Plate 6BTA 12 Valve and 24 Valve fits Cummins

Item #: 012313-2 | Engine Parts Misc.

Steel Torque Plate used to simulate stress put on the block normally by the cylinder head and bolts while honing the block for piston rings. Fits Cummins 6 cylinder B-series engines. Fits 5.9L and 6.7L engines. Bolts are countersunk. Designed to use 26 short head bolts from Cummins 12v which are M12X1.75X70MM long. After market bolts can be used. Bolts and studs not supplied. Spacer kits to use stock length headbolts or studs are available.12 valve spacer kit is 79.00 and common rail spacer kit $79.00 extra.